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Recruiting Office Manager:

MSgt Nicolas Perez


Production Recruiters:

TSgt Alan Palma 

SSgt Glen Eason 

SSgt Diamante Heard 

Retention Office Manager:

MSgt Jeffrey Lowe 


Careers available

Current careers:

3E0X2- Electrical Power Production, M-35 and E-35
3E2X1- Pavements and Construction Equipment, M-40 
3E3X1- Structural, M-47
3E4X1- Water and Fuel System Maintenance, M-47 and E- 28
2A6X2- Aerospace Ground Equipment, M-47 and E-28
2A6X4- Aerospace Fuels
2A8X1- Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems, E- 70
2A8X2- Mobility Air Forces Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems, E-70
2A6X5- Aircraft Hydraulic Systems, M-56
2A5X4- Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance, M-47
2A6X1- Aerospace Propulsion, M-56
2A6X6- Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems, M-41 and E-61
3P0X1- Security Forces, G-33

4E0X1- Public Health, A-48

2S0X1- Material Management, A- 41 or G- 44 
3F1X1- Services, G-24
2F0X1- Fuels, M-47 and G-38

Potential bonuses available!  Contact a recruiter today to see if you qualify.


ASVAB Catagories:













Types of Benefits


Montgomery GI Bill, Ch. 1606 Selective Reserve

CCAF (Community College of the Air Force)

VA Loan eligibility potential

Medical Benefit, Tricare Reserve Select

Travel on space available flights

Access to Base Exchange and Commissary

Retirement Eligibility after 20 years of satisfactory service

U.S.O. Tickets to local festivals and sporting events

International Travel (Temporary Duty and Deployments)

AZ ANG Pre-Qualifying Worksheet



POST 9-11 GI Bill Transfer of Education Benefits effective

12 July 2019

New policy HERE

POC: MSgt Jeff Lowe