Combating Trafficking in Persons

Combating Trafficking in Persons

What is Human Trafficking?  The act of forcing a person to provide commercial sex or labor services … in other words, modern day slavery.  Human trafficking must not be misperceived as a form of smuggling.  Smuggling is a crime against the sovereignty of a country.  Human Trafficking is a crime against a person.

Training Requirements: The Human Relations courses previously listed under the TFAT and NEO course topics have been deactivated and are no longer available. The “DoD Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) General Awareness Course” has been moved to the TFAT course topic and replaces the Human Relations course.

Training is available through the Wing CTIP Program Manager or online through ADLS.  Training is only required once vice every year. When classes are given at the unit level, ensure this information is recorded into ARCNET.

Training reports for the Human Relations course are still available in the UTM/UDM portal.

Members should take the new course, “DoD Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) General Awareness Course”, to receive credit.

Arizona Revised Statutes governing Human Trafficking in Arizona:

ARS 13-705:  Dangerous Crimes against Children

ARS 13-1306:  Unlawfully Obtaining Labor or Services

ARS 13-1307:  Sex Trafficking

ARS13-1308:  Trafficking of Person(s) for Forced Labor or Services


“Not Worth It” provides the legal ramifications for use and exploitation of prostitution.


Remember:  If you see or sense trafficking in persons is occurring, report it!  Trafficking in Persons is a modern term for Age Old Slavery.

 Questions:  Contact Brian Benbow, 161 ARW CTIP Coordinator, at 602-302-9502 or