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  • AMC commander: unleash Airman innovation

    I have had the privilege of working for the men and women of Air Mobility Command for 7 months now. I quickly came to appreciate the incredible capacity of this exceptionally talented force – the force necessary to ensure we continue achieving mobility objectives in any environment.Before I took

  • AZ Airmen gain new perspective during Strong Bonds retreat

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – On a beautiful late September weekend, 10 members of the 161st Air Refueling Wing and I took part in an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our fellow brothers-and-sisters-in-arms and the tools necessary to better our outlook on life by attending the 2018 Strong Bonds

  • Spring ahead of fall

    The kick off of school and football, is indicative of fall coming and going much too fast!  Before you know it, the team who will earn the Super Bowl ring will be of no surprise, and your child’s senior prom will soon be over.  Sometimes, enduring a lengthy southwest summer can make a person wish at

  • Follow the golden rule

    Can a person be respected even if you disagree with them on an issue?Lately, I feel bombarded by news stories about people physically or emotionally harming one another.  It is rare that a week, or even a day, goes by without a story of a person or group acting inappropriately on ideological

  • Service before self, an immigrant’s journey

    This Independence Day we celebrate America’s 241st birthday and I am filled with gratitude for all our nation represents, and the opportunities I’ve been given as a naturalized citizen and as a member of the Arizona Air National Guard.Service before self. It’s not only an Air Force core value, it is

  • Giving thorn-free roses for Father’s Day

    Did you know that the rose is the designated birth flower for the month of June? Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. They symbolize love and appreciation. For a moment imagine you’re a dad, and on Father’s Day you receive two dozen stems from roses with double the amount of thorns. You

  • Congrats to our graduates!!

    For many of us, the month of May contains the day we have long awaited - graduation. This important milestone could be a personal achievement or we could be celebrating with a family member or loved one.  Though graduation seems like the end, it is actually a new beginning. For a kindergartener, it

  • In Memoriam: Chief Hannigan

    Copperheads, some days you just don’t feel like yourself.  Some days you know who you are and what you are supposed to do, but something still remains “off.”  Today, is definitely one of those days for many of us here at the 161st Air Refueling Wing.  Sadly, we learned that one of our fellow

  • The hunt is on

    Have you ever watched the Hollywood thriller, “The Hunt for the Red October”, a twisted espionage – seeking out an undetectable Soviet submarine, that supposedly happened during the late Cold War period? At the end of the movie, actor Sean Connery states, “And the sea will grant each man new hope,

  • My personal journey: the Bataan Memorial Death March

    I enjoy new and different experiences. I often do things just to say I’ve done them. A friend once said I’m a collector of experiences. This isn’t to say I’ve lived a crazy, adrenalin-filled life, but if I have the opportunity to do something I have never done before - I’m in. This was my initial