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  • Preparing for the big game

    In less than two weeks the brackets will be filled out and workplace production will diminish on Thursdays and Fridays in March.  Why, you ask? March Madness will be here promising thrills of overtime victories and the agony of ending a season of basketball. Certainly in the weeks to follow some

  • Gather together for thanksgiving traditions

    As I recently went out shopping with my wife, I observed something that was quite odd. There were multiple aisles clustered with Halloween, Christmas and just a smattering of Thanksgiving things. Hopefully our celebration of Thanksgiving does not mirror the store aisles.Thanksgiving is an important

  • Help me understand why you use tobacco

     Let's be fair, you probably would have a hard time finding five people who truly don't know how bad tobacco, in any form, is for you. I asked 10 current active smokers what health risks are associated with smoking or using smokeless tobacco. All of them were able to state at least five major health

  • Turn to Him for comfort

    My last three commentaries have dealt with situations in which one may need help dealing with some of life's many problems.  I have encouraged anyone who is struggling to reach out and find help from friends, family, help hotlines, DPH and the chaplain office.  All of which may provide counseling to

  • Where we go now is most important

    Don't look now Copperheads, 2016 is almost over.  As you already know, this is our 70th year serving the greater Phoenix community, the great state of Arizona, and the United States of America.  Personally, I am extremely grateful for and humbled by the opportunity to serve alongside you every

  • Suicide prevention more than a month-long campaign

    September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month but this is an issue that we need to be aware of every day whether there is an official time of emphasis or not. If each one of us is being a good wingman for our fellow Guard members we will be watching to see if those around us are showing any signs

  • Strong Bonds singles retreat offers life skills, relaxation

    The 161st Air Refueling Wing's chaplain staff hosted the unit's first Strong Bonds Singles Retreat, Aug. 26-28. Within the next year, we plan to offer another singles retreat, and two couples retreats. If you haven't participated in a Strong Bonds event, perhaps those who have can encourage you to

  • Simulated intoxication highlights a powerful lesson

    Recently, James Eddie, our wing's director of psychological health, and I have been visiting some of the offices and shops on base to give demonstrations of what drunkenness feels like by using an alcohol intoxicant simulation kit. The purpose of the kit is to simulate the sense of intoxication felt

  • When dealing with stress, we’re not alone

    A few years back I decided to join some friends and hike the Grand Canyon.  The morning finally arrived and I put on my gear and backpack and began to descend towards the Colorado River. Little did I realize the backpack which seemed rather light at the beginning of my journey seemed to get heavier