161 ARW saves 901,435 kwh - receives rebate check

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Rebecca Cruz
  • 161st Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs
Arizona Public Service presented a $93,994.14 rebate incentive check to the 161st Air Refueling Wing, thanks to three energy savings initiatives that were funded by the Air National Guard Bureau, Feb. 5.

All projects were bid by the 161st Mission Support Group contracting office and completed by HK Consulting, an 8A (small business) firm. These technologies will help the 161 ARW meet federal mandates for energy conservation and help reduce operational budgetary expenditures. 

The first project replaced outdated high pressure sodium and metal halide lighting technology with energy-efficient induction lighting; all exterior lights were replaced, as well as 750 interior lighting fixtures. Replacing the old lighting reduced maintenance costs and provides better light output at a lower wattage. The lighting initiative reduces the amount of maintenance needed due to the longer life of induction bulbs. Induction lighting lasts up to 100,000 hours and has a better light output, at half the wattage, than the previous bulbs. The lighting control system also has vacancy sensors that detect the presence of a person; turning the lights on and off depending on whether the room is occupied.

"The lighting quality is tremendously better, which means better working conditions for our airmen," said Mel Klaus, 161 ARW resource efficiency manager.

The second project upgraded the energy management control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The third project installed window tint to the interior of 4,500 square-feet of windows in 10 buildings. Installation of window tint helps reduce heat gain by preventing ultraviolet rays from entering the building and assists in reducing the amount of air conditioning required to maintain personal comfort.

The lighting and sensors have an annual savings of 712,063.17 kilowatt hours, resulting in a rebate of $78,271.41. The EMCS upgrade has an annual savings of 159,120 kwh, resulting in a rebate of $13,000.00. The window tint will bring in a total annual savings of 30,252 kwh, resulting in a rebate of $2,722.73.

The energy efficient technologies used at the 161 ARW represent a combination of proven products that reduce energy. The energy savings resulted in a return on investment in the form of a rebate check and reduction of base utility costs, said Klaus.

"This project is part of the efforts toward meeting the 2005 executive order, directing a reduction in energy consumption by 30 percent for more than a 10-year period," said Klaus. "These efforts were the result of many personnel working very hard to make sure everything was in position; from programming documents, to funding, to contracting and execution."

"I would like to thank Steve Hollingshead [161 ARW base superintendent], Senior Master Sgt. Tim Garrity, [161 ARW contracting officer], 1st Lt. Jonathan Stratton [161 ARW deputy base civil engineer], and John Frost, [project manager from the Civil Engineering Technical Services Center, Minot, North Dakota], who helped secure the funds," said Klaus. "I'd also like to thank the [161 ARW] leadership for making these projects a priority, because without their support these projects may not have been executed."

The savings in energy and cost to tax payers also helped reduce the 161 ARW's carbon footprint and the cash incentive will allow for future projects here, said Col. Gary Brewer, 161 ARW commander.

"Energy is a vital resource and creating a culture to conserve it is critical to our nation's security and it took a lot of hard work by a lot of people to make this happen," said Brewer. "We share this Earth and we also live in this community."