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Sometimes, it’s the right time to take a break

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Maj) Thad Todd
  • 161st Air Refueling Wing Chaplain's Office
The hot days of summer are officially here and with that comes decisions on whether to take a vacation or keep working. 

According to worldwide studies, Americans work more than anyone else and take fewer vacations.  A recent Skift survey showed that in 2014 over 40 percent of working Americans with paid vacations did not take a paid vacation day that entire year.

As a chaplain I can tell you that the Bible does not discuss vacations but it is a strong proponent of individuals taking time to get the rest they need.  Many of my family's favorite memories have come from vacations that we have taken.  Due to financial restrictions many families have opted for the alternative staycation.  Other folks may postpone their vacation time to the fall when temperatures are cooler and crowds are fewer.  Whatever time of the year you decide to take time off, the internet is full of great ideas to make your vacation or staycation a relaxing and fun time.

Great vacations or staycations usually do not just happen. It is important that you know what you want to do so you can plan effectively and attempt to avoid stressful situations. Beginning your vacation with realistic expectations will lead to a much more enjoyable time for all.

Have a safe and memorable vacation.