• Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Johnny Smith
  • 161 ARW/HRA
The Air National Guard's Mentoring Program is available through the Air Force Portal. All Active, Guard and Reserve members are authorized to login to the AF Portal at: 

You will find the Enlisted Development Plan (EDP) under the "Featured Links" and then "Top Viewed: Careers" column under the message from our leaders. It only takes a few minutes to register and access is available from both the base and home. 

I encourage all enlisted leadership at the 161st Air Refueling Wing to become members. It is important to note Airmen cannot request guidance from potential mentors unless supervisors and those willing to be mentors have created their own EDP. 

The focus of the EDP is to maximize performance of our people through positive mentoring relationships.   It is broken down into three separate modules; Education & Training, Leadership and Job Experience. 

Although we recognize mentoring happens both formally and informally in each organization, the EDP allows Airmen to develop professional goals, draft a plan to achieve those goals and track their progress in their personal journal with an embedded calendar to keep them on task. 

Mentors will be able to view a protégé's progress and add comments for guidance.
Data is linked to the Virtual MPF; however, other members authorized to view your plan will not have access to any Privacy Act information such as home address, SSAN, etc.
The EDP has direct links to appropriate AFI's, Air Force Doctrine and other information required for career development. 

For instance, you can locate the minimum requirements for promotion to the next rank and outline the appropriate steps to prepare for promotion. 

As mentioned above, in order to effectively develop goals and a career plan for your Airmen, supervisors and mentors must create their EDP on the Air Force Portal.
Through the AF Portal you can work towards achieving personal goals and career objectives for the ANG as well as your civilian occupation. 

The EDP also allows Airmen to participate in online forums, open to all Air Force enlisted members and maintain a personal library. Once enrolled, supervisors and mentors can participate in all phases of an Airman's development. 

The Journal area allows supervisors and mentors to store accomplishments and goals. This can be a real asset during performance review and awards/decorations time. 

Questions regarding the EDP, ANG Mentoring, and other relative programs can be directed to the office of the Human Resources Advisor, base ext. 29384; through e-mail at:; or calling (602) 790-2462. 

You can reach out to your supervisor as well, to participate. I challenge each of you to develop a plan for your future!